House Job Training 2023-24

Applications are invited for one-year house job training in HITEC IMS and HIT Hospital for the year 2023-24.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. HITEC-IMS graduates will be entitled to a house job at HIT hospital.
  2. Five percent intake from other colleges may be entertained for the house job, subject to the availability of vacant seats. HITEC-IMS house job committee will assess and recommend such candidates. Cumulative merit criteria will be used for them.
  3. The stipend will be paid according to the policy laid down by PMC.
  4. The house job will be structured as follows in accordance with PMC regulations.
    1. General Surgery
      1. 1 Month HIT Hospital (1 week Ward, 1 w Theatre, 1 w OPD, 1 w ER)
      2. 1 Month HIT Hospital (1 week Ward, 1 w Theatre, 1 w OPD, 1 w ER)
      3. 1 Month Emergency Department
    2. Allied Surgery
      1. 1 Month HIT Hospital (Males Orthopedics and Females Gynecology)
      2. 1 Month HIT Hospital (15 days ENT and 15 days Eye)
      3. 1 Month HIT Hospital (15 days Radiology and 15 days Anesthesia)
    3. General Medicine
      1. 15 Days Medicine
      2. 15 Days HIT Hospital ICU
      3. 15 Days HIT Hospital Male ward
      4. 15 Days HIT Hospital Female ward
      5. 15 Days HIT Hospital Neurology
    4. Allied Medicine
      1. 1 Month (15 days ER and 15 days CCU)
      2. 1 Month HIT Hospital Pediatrics
      3. 1 Month HIT Hospital (15 days Dermatology and 15 days Psychiatry)
  5. It is compulsory to complete prescribed emergencies and procedural skills during the house job and document them in the house job logbook.
  6. The last date for receipt of applications is the 10th day after the announcement of the MBBS examination result for own graduates and the 14th day after the last professional has been completed by all universities for outside graduates.
  7. To download the Application Form, Click here.
  8. After completion of the form, it should be submitted by email along with other required documents as mentioned in the form at the following email address.

    Email ID:

    Postal Address: HITEC-IMS (Medical College), Opposite HIT Hospital, HIT Taxila Cantt.

    Contact: Mr. Hafiz Fawad Tariq (0321-5647673)