Request for Proposal for Electro Medical Equipment New

  1.     Heavy Industries Taxila Education City, Institute of Medical Sciences intends to procure Electro Medical Equipment from authorized firms registered with the Sales Tax and Income Tax Departments.
  2.     The detail of required equipment with terms & conditions can be obtained during working hours from the office of the undersigned on payment of Rs. 5000/- (Non-refundable) in the shape of a Pay Order in the name of HITEC-IMS.
  3.     Quotations must be sealed in an envelope containing both technical and financial bids in a separate envelope and must indicate “TECHNICAL BID” and “FINANCIAL BID.”
  4.     2% earnest money of quoted price in the shape of Bank Draft / Pay Order (Refundable) must be attached with the tender documents; otherwise, the tender will be rejected.
  5.     Quotations will be opened on 17th June 2022 in front of all contractors.

Phone/Mob No: 051-4908471