Medical Biochemistry is concerned with the chemical processes and metabolism in human health and disease. The closely related subject of Molecular Biology is also a part of the Biochemistry curriculum. Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary subject that is taught in the first two undergraduate years of the MBBS course. In practical Biochemistry, the students learn the basic principles and procedures of biochemical tests in blood and body fluids that are helpful in the diagnosis of disease and decision making. The biochemistry lab is equipped with all the required chemicals and equipment like Spectrophotometers, pH meters, incubator, and thermocycler, to name a few. Department is located on the first floor of the Basic Sciences Block.


Name : Prof Dr Shahid Rauf

Email :

Designation : Head of Department

Qualification : MBBS, MPhil, Adv Dip Med Edu

Name Email Designation Qualifications
Dr Ambreen Faisal Associate Professor MBBS, FCPS, CHPE
Dr Raheela Yasmin Assistant Professor MBBS, MPhil, ACMED
Dr Ummara Aslam Assistant Professor MBBS, MPhil
Dr. Sana Umar Lecturer MBBS
Dr. M. Hamza Rasool Kashif Lecturer MBBS
Dr. Eiman Ali Lecturer MBBS