Data Analysis Unit


The Data Analysis Unit is indispensable for transforming raw research data into meaningful insights. By employing advanced analytical techniques, this unit plays a crucial role in deciphering complex medical information, identifying patterns, and drawing evidence-based conclusions. Its significance lies in facilitating the translation of research findings into actionable outcomes, influencing medical practices, and contributing to advancements in patient care. The unit serves as a linchpin in the research process, ensuring that data collected by faculty and students is rigorously analyzed to extract valuable knowledge for the benefit of both the scientific community and healthcare practitioners.


  1. The data analysis unit facilitates and guides the faculty and students regarding data analysis of their research proposals.
  2. Data analysis and software training workshops are conducted for faculty and students


  1. The researcher will inform the research cell that there is a need to do data analysis.
  2. Data analysis form will be sent to the author of the study by the research cell. He/she will fill out the form and send it back to the research cell along with SPSS data.
  3. The Biostatistician will do the data analysis and will contact the researcher whenever required.
  4. After completion of data analysis, the report will be sent to the researcher.
  5. Data analysis and software training workshops are arranged for faculty and students.


In-charge data analysis unit and other members are nominated by the in-charge research and development unit and approved by the principal.


Hafiz Fawad Tariq