Pharmacology & Therapeutics is one of the para-clinical disciplines that forms an ideal interface effectively bridging the basic and clinical specialties. The department aims to provide high quality holistic education to the undergraduate medical students, keeping in pace with dynamic academic requirements. The subject is taught mainly in the third year MBBS. The department houses a Pharmacodynamic laboratory and a museum. The laboratory has top-notch facilities to affirm the factual aspects of theoretical knowledge of Pharmacology. The museum has well displayed samples of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacognosy specimens and dosage forms. Department is located on the first floor of the Basic Sciences Block.


Name : Prof Dr. Muhammad Munir Ahmad Khan

Email :

Designation : Head of Department

Qualification : MBBS, M Phil, CHPE

Name Email Designation Qualifications
Dr. Asma khan Associate Professor MBBS
Dr. Urooj Fatima Assistant Professor MBBS
Dr. Habibah Ishaq Hashmi Lecturer MBBS
Dr. Ayla Babar Lecturer MBBS
Dr. Aliya Ali Lecturer MBBS
Dr. Iqra Jabeen Lecturer MBBS
Dr. Sabahat Saeed Lecturer MBBS