Admission Process

Admission Procedure

  1. National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) is the admitting University for HITEC-IMS.
  2. The student has to pass the PMC NMDCAT test with a minimum score of 60%.
  3. For admission in HITEC -IMS, the student has to clear the NUMS entry test.
  4. NUMS will prepare the merit lists based upon F.Sc marks and entry test as per rules.
  5. NUMS will display the merit lists on its website and intimate the students falling on the merit of HITEC-IMS.
  6. Complete First year fee has to be deposited by the student, within a stipulated time, to secure admission in HITEC-IMS.

Cancellation of admission

  1. Admission of a student is liable to be cancelled in the following conditions:
  2. If any document/information provided by the candidate is found false/fake/fabricated at any stage.
  3. If the candidate is found medically unfit at any stage.
  4. If a candidate fails to report for admission and/or deposit the fee on the due date.

Fee Refund Policy

1.1 The purpose of this procedure is for refund / transfer of fee.
2.0 SCOPE:
2.1 This procedure is apppcable to Student Affairs Department and MBBS Students.
3.1 MBBS admitted students applying for refund will be treated as per the following popcy.
3.2.1 Admission fee is non-refundable.
3.2.2 MBBS students wishes to leave the institution before start of the classes or session then complete fee except non-refundable fee shall be refunded.
3.2.3 If the student wishes to leave the institution after commencement of classes, then the fee will be deducted for the period the students stays in the college on pro-rata basis alongwith the non-refundable fee.
3.2.3 Fee will be refunded within minimum 10 working days after receipt of the apppcation.
3.2.4 A registered student who either elects to leave the college or is expelled from the college on account of faipng to pass the professional exams or for any other reason shall have their Student Fee paid treated as forfeited and no refund will be given.
3.2.6 If a student after having obtained admission seeks to either leave the program or seeks to transfer from the college, the college shall have the right to adjust the tuition fee already paid pro rata to the period spent by the student in the program along with a penalty not exceeding ten percent of the total annual fee in the event the student seeks to leave the program in the middle of the academic year to transfer to another college.
3.2.7 Procedure for Refund via Email (only):
• Send apppcation on email addressed to Principal that you want to take refund.
• Also mention student name, Student father name, candidate ID, NUMS merit serial number and 2 mobile numbers for contact.
• In your apppcation or email, it is necessary to write in whose name the crossed cheque will be made (attach his / her CNIC also) and who will receive the cheque (mention / attach his / her CNIC also).
• Attach paid fee voucher.
• You will be intimated for collection of cheque.

Migration to and from HITEC-IMS

  1. No migration will be allowed in the first, second, and fifth year.
  2. Migration to and from HITEC-IMS will be solely at the discretion of the Admission Committee.
  3. It will be governed by rules and regulations of PMC, in vogue at that time.

For Refund Cases/Inquiries Cheque

  • 0300-5189836 (Mr. Murtaza)

Financial Assistance

As per PMC criteria

HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences
Heavy Industries Taxila
Ph: 051-4908582 (MBBS Admission Only)

Admission Schedule

Description Scheduled
Admissions Open 07th June, 2020
Last Date for Application Submission 31st August, 2020
Entry Test 27th August, 2020
Commencement of Classes 14th September, 2020