Pathology Department of HITEC-IMS consists of state of art diagnostic and academic facility, with a vibrant faculty of highly dedicated teachers and consultants. The department covers all major specialties including Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Chemical Pathology, Microbiology, Virology, and Histopathology. Since the inception of the College in 2016, the department of Pathology has grown with addition of latest equipment and diagnostic capabilities. This includes teaching aids and automated machines to cater for the ever-increasing workload.

With the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, Pathology department was swift to establish Real time PCR laboratory with Level II Safety standards. The Covid Laboratory is providing a strong backup to the clinicians to screen patients by Real time PCR for Covid-19, who have to undergo various surgical procedures and management in the hospital.

All Faculty members are well qualified and experienced in teaching of undergraduate students, and also shoulder their responsibilities of mentoring them/


  • To develop a well-organized, well equipped department with all modern teaching facilities to train medical students.
  • To produce a doctor who is well informed about Medico-legal responsibilities during the practice of medicine.
  • To make them acquire knowledge of the law in relation to medical practice, negligence and ethics.
  • To create interest in research in relation to various Medico-legal problems.


Name : Dr. Farhat Abbas Bhatti

Email :

Designation : Head of Department

Qualification : MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, PhD (Haematology)

Name Email Designation Qualifications
Dr. Alia Zubair Professor MBBS, MPhil(Histopathology)
Dr. Tehmina Munir Professor MBBS, FCPS(Microbiology)
Dr. Asif Nawaz Professor MBBS, FCPS(Chemical Pathology)
Dr. Shahida Mushtaq Assistant Professor MBBS, MPhil(Chemical Pathology)
Dr. Sabahat Rehman Assistant Professor MBBS, MPhil(Microbiology)
Dr. Ambreen Zafar Assistant Professor MBBS, MPhil(Haematology)
Dr. Nazia Siddiqui Assistant Professor MBBS, MPhil(Haematology)
Dr. Shama Paracha Senior Lecturer MBBS
Dr. Samra Khan Demonstrator MBBS
Dr. Kehkashan Hassan Demonstrator MBBS