Pathology Department of HITEC-IMS is a vibrant entity of the Medical College, which comprises Academic Pathology and Hospital-based diagnostic laboratory. The diagnostic facilities include departments of Hematology, Chemical Pathology, Histopathology, Microbiology, Clinical Pathology, Endocrinology and Blood Transfusion. There is a state of the art Laboratory, equipped with fully automated analyzers, thermocyclers for real time PCR and hemoglobin electrophoresis equipment. The subject is taught mainly in third and fourth year MBBS with a main focus to make the students able to apply the knowledge of disease to the practical management of patients. The Diagnostic Pathology department is situated in the HIT hospital whereas the Academic Pathology department has a separate building inside the college premises.


Name : Dr. Farhat Abbas Bhatti

Email :

Designation : Head of Department

Qualification : MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, FRCPath, PhD( Hematology)

Name Email Designation Qualifications
Dr. Alia Zubair Professor MBBS, MPhil(Histopathology)
Dr. Wajiha Mah Jabeen wajiha Professor MBBS, MPhil(Histopathology)
Dr. Sabahat Rehman Associate Professor MBBS, MPhil, CHPE( Microbiology)
Dr. Shahida Mushtaq Assistant Professor MBBS, MPhil, CHPE( Chemical Pathology)
Dr. Nazia Siddiqui Assistant Professor MBBS, MPhil(Haematology)
Dr. Riffat Bushra Assistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil(Microbiology)
Dr. Haim Sajid Assistant Professor MBBS, FCPS(Histopathology)
Dr. Radia Amir Lecturer MBBS, FCPS
Dr. Maham Zohaib Lecturer MBBS
Dr. Israr Khan Lecturer MBBS
Dr. Rida Batool Demonstrator MBBS