Faculty Research Centre


A Faculty Research Centre in a medical college holds immense significance as a nexus for advancing medical knowledge and practice. It serves as a hub for cutting-edge research, fostering a culture of inquiry and innovation among faculty members. Through collaborative research endeavours, the centre contributes to the development of novel medical treatments, diagnostics, and methodologies, directly influencing healthcare practices. Furthermore, it enhances the academic environment by providing opportunities for faculty professional development and promoting evidence-based teaching. In essence, a robust Faculty Research Centre in a medical college is instrumental in elevating the institution’s academic reputation, attracting top talent, and ultimately improving patient care through the translation of research findings into practical applications.


  1. The Faculty Research Centre is responsible for sensitizing and facilitating faculty members
  2. Didactic coursework comprising lectures, workshops, hands-on work, and resource material are designed for the training of focal persons. Facilitators,
    both from inside and outside HITEC-IMS, are invited.
  3. Journal clubs for faculty are carried out each month. The responsibility for its conduct lies with each department, and the record is sent to the Research cell.
  4. Information on all research presentations, symposia, conferences and seminars are conveyed to the faculty.
  5. A Research Directory is maintained by the Research Cell to keep a record of all research activities attended/ conducted by the faculty members at all forums.


  1. The principal appoints the In-charge faculty research Centre.
  2. Research focal persons are nominated in each department.
  3. Focal persons are trained for research and they guide the research of their department.
  4. One research project is to be carried out by each department and published by the end of every year.
  5. The research year starts in November and ends in October next year.



Prof. Dr. Wajiha Mah jabeen


  1. Farhan Ahmed (Department of ENT)
  2. Kashif Khurshid Qureshi (Department of Orthopedics)
  3. Kashif Khurshid Qureshi (Department of Surgery)
  4. Kashmala Tariq (Department of Medicine)
  5. Maleeha Zafar (Department of Anatomy)
  6. Arooj Fatima (Department of Pharmacology)
  7. Nazia (Department of Pathology)
  8. Nida Rafaqat (Department of Community Medicine)
  9. Rabia Wasim Butt (Department Of Radiology)
  10. Rubacce Fatima (Department of Forensic Medicine)
  11. Sana Umer (Department of Biochemistry)
  12. Sumera (Department of Physiology)
  13. Tehseen Faiz (Department of Eye)
  14. Ummal Bannen (Department of Physiotherapy)
  15. Mehwish Sultan (Department of Psychiatry)