Medical Education


Department will assure the quality of academic standards in the light of instructions and guidelines of PM&DC, HEC, and other regulatory authorities. It shall act as a hub of the formulation and implementation of academic policies of HITEC IMS in liaison with faculty and administration. Department provides leadership, guidance, training, and service and to the faculty members in respect of the development of new curriculum, assessment, research, skill lab, feedback, evaluation, and self-appraisal


Department of Medical Education will promote quality in education, leadership, and scholarship in Medical Education nationally and internationally and hence contribute to quality healthcare.


The mission of DME is to develop, monitor, and evaluate Medical Education standards to local needs based on best evidence theory and practice in Medical Education for the ultimate purpose of improving patient care through the institutional mission.

Strategic Objectives

The mission of DME will be achieved locally, nationally, and internationally through collaboration, consultation, training, and service within HITEC-IMS, NUMS, and other organizations in the following areas;

  • Curriculum and assessment
  • Research
  • Evaluation, Feedback, and Quality assurance
  • Faculty Development
  • C M E

Library and skill lab are part of resources for the same


Name : Prof. Dr. Iram Tassaduq

Email :

Designation : Head of Department

Qualification : MBBS, MPhil(Anatomy), MHPE

Name Email Designation Qualifications
Dr. Salma Ambreen Shahab Demonstrator MBBS, MHPE
Mr. Hasan Faraz Assistant Manager QA ---
Ms. Kanwal Shahzadi PA, Computer operator ---