Student Research Society

Student Research Society

A Student Research Society in a medical college plays a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. It provides students with hands-on research opportunities, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of evidence-based practices. This center not only enhances the educational experience but also contributes to the overall advancement of medical knowledge. Through engagement in research projects, students develop a foundation for lifelong learning, preparing them to be informed and innovative practitioners in the ever-evolving field of medicine.


  1. The Student Research society is responsible for sensitizing and facilitating the undergraduate students starting from first year MBBS till final year MBBS to research activities
  2. A series of basic workshops/lectures are conducted in college. The purpose is to make them aware of the fundamentals of research.
  3. The responsibility of conducting these workshops lies with the Student Research Society and their team leader in collaboration with in-charge student research society, In charge R& D unit and the Department of Community Medicine HITEC-IMS.
  4. All students are encouraged to publish at least one research paper during a total of 5 years of their study.
  5. Publishing the paper may count for the final clearance of the student from the college.
  6. Certificates as a token of appreciation may be given upon publication of the paper.
  7. HODs/senior faculty of all departments may act as Research mentors for students undergoing research activities in their department.
  8. Regular meetings of the president and members of SRC and in-charge R&D unit HITEC-IMS are conducted to discuss student problems related to research as per requirement.
  9. A Research Directory is maintained by the Research Cell to keep a record of all research activities attended/ conducted by the students at all forums.


  1. In charge of the student research society (SRS) is suggested by the in-charge Research and development unit and is approved by Principal HITEC-IMS.
  2. The president, vice president and general secretary are selected through elections/interviews conducted by the principal, in-charge student societies, in-charge research and development unit and other senior faculty members.
  3. The other positions of SRS are nominated president, vice-president and secretary SRS in consultation with the in-charge Research & Development Unit and previous SRS President.


  1. Dr Wajiha Mah jabeen, In-charge SRS
  2. Hafsa Khalid, 5th Year MBBS, President
  3. Ali Sherazi, 4th Year MBBS, Vice-president
  4. Rabia Khalid, 3rd Year BDS, Vice-president
  5. Moeed Azwar Bhatti, 3rd Year MBBS, General Secretary