Vision & Mission


We aspire to be a socially accountable medical institute, providing a high standard of medical education and patient care through outstanding educational programs, innovative research and evidence-based clinical practice for a better quality of life.


To produce competent physicians, researchers, life-long learners and health care professionals equipped with scientific knowledge, dexterity and professional values to address community and world health problems in the best tradition of our profession.

Institutional Outcomes:

The five years MBBS program at HITEC-IMS is designed to produce a physician who is a

Medical Expert:

To deal effectively with medical problems, equipped with essential knowledge, clinical skills and professional attitude to provide healthcare in local context.


to communicate effectively with patients, attendants and other healthcare providers while adhering to professional and local norms.


To collaborate, with other health care professionals to provide safe and high-quality patient-centered care.


To demonstrate leadership skills to lead a team of healthcare professionals for the most cohesive and effective patient-centered care.

Health Advocate:

To contribute their expertise to improve health of their patients as they are socially accountable.


To demonstrate lifelong learning, commitment to evidence-based medicine and positive attitude towards research.


To demonstrate professionalism and social accountability through best ethical and behavioral practices.