Forensic Medicine


Forensic Medicine is a branch of medicine that applies principles and knowledge of medical sciences to problems in the field of law. It is also scientific investigation of the cause of injury and death particularly when criminal activity is suspected. The department has its own museum along with a Toxicology laboratory. The students are taken to Mortuaries, Toxicology labs, A & E department, Psychiatry department, courts and sites of exhumation to learn and watch the application of the principles of Forensic Medicine in real time and first hand. The subject is taught in third Year. The department of Forensic Medicine is located on the second floor of Basic Sciences Block.


Name : Col (R) Dr Asif Shahab

Email :

Designation : Head of Department

Qualification : MBBS,DASM, MSC, DMJ

Name Email Designation Qualifications
Dr. Amna Zafar Khan Lecturer MBBS
Dr. Fatima Hassan Lecturer MBBS
Dr. Muhammad Bin Aslam Zahid Lecturer MBBS
Dr. Sehar Rizvi Lecturer MBBS