End User Unit


The end-user unit plays a pivotal role in medical college research, serving as the critical link between innovative discoveries and practical applications in healthcare. Researchers in medical colleges rely on the end-user perspective to validate the relevance and effectiveness of their findings in real-world clinical settings. Understanding the needs, preferences, and challenges faced by end-users, such as healthcare practitioners and patients, ensures that research outcomes translate seamlessly into improved medical practices and patient outcomes. The integration of end-user feedback enhances the overall impact of medical research, fostering a more patient-centered approach and advancing the quality of healthcare delivery.


  1. End User unit gathers the evidence generated by research with in institute and coordinate with affiliated hospitals to get data regarding prevalent diseases in community and share with researchers with in institute.
  2. End user unit ensures the fair implementation of the rules and regulations for use of internal evidences and to get the external community data.


  1. In charge end user has formulated a document to gather all information and evidences generated by research conducted within institute.
  2. After completion of study, form will be sent to author of study. He/she will fill the form and sent it back to research cell.
  3. In charge end user will send the letters to all external hospitals and dispensaries to collect external community data through department.
  4. After receiving the responses from outside hospitals and dispensaries, in charge end user will contact with them.
  5. In charge end user will form a list to mention the prioritized research areas and share it with researchers.
  6. In charge research cell will supervise all activities.


Prof. Dr Aneeqa Shahid