Visitor Research Unit


A Visitor Research Unit in a medical college holds significance in gauging the impact of educational programs, facilities, and overall campus experiences on external stakeholders. By collecting and analyzing feedback from visitors, the unit helps the institution make informed decisions to enhance the learning environment and optimize resources. This feedback loop fosters continuous improvement, aligning the college’s offerings with the needs and expectations of its community, including prospective students, families, and collaborators. Ultimately, the Visitor Research Unit contributes to the ongoing evolution and refinement of the medical college’s services and infrastructure.


  1. The visitor research forum responds to the external researchers to participate in research activities at HITEC-IMS and facilitates them according to their requirements.
  2. This unit ensures the fair implementation of the rules and regulations for external researchers to visit and do research at HITEC-IMS.


  1. Research visitor will submit the application form to the Research cell through email at
  2. Visitors will sign undertaking confirming that they will acknowledge HITEC IMS in their publication.
  3. Permission from the Principal will be taken by the in-charge visitor forum.
  4. In-charge will assess requirements of visitor and facilitate accordingly.
  5. For online visitors, facilitation will be provided online.
  6. For entry of visitors in college premises, admin will have to be informed beforehand by In-charge research cell for facilitating gate entry into campus as per cantt area protocols. Letter will be forwarded by In-charge visitor forum to Director Adm detailing the days and timings of visitors.
  7. Visitors will be informed of the rules and regulations to be followed within premises of institute.
  8. In-charge of Visitor Research Forum will coordinate with respective department focal persons for facilitating research visitors.
  9. Record of visitor’s research activities will be maintained by In-charge visitor forum.


In-charge visitor research forum and other members are nominated by the         in-charge research and development unit and approved by the principal.


Prof. Dr Aneeqa Shahid