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A Research culture project was started by worthy Principal Maj. Gen. Hamid Shafiq for promoting research culture among faculty and students at HITEC IMS. As part of this project, a multidisciplinary research team was made by nominating focal persons from all departments. This team plays a role in reducing gap between research cell and departments and encourage interdisciplinary research. To facilitate researchers, a research cell was setup in library, well-equipped with latest software for research including SPSS version 28, SmartPLS, NVivo, Endnote and Grammarly. Faculty and students are being trained to use these facilities and carry out high quality researches to benefit community and bring institution to top ranking medical colleges of the country through research activities.


  • To develop a strong research culture among faculty and students and transform HITEC IMS into a research hub in future.
  • To enhance quality and number of researches at HITEC IMS by utilizing strengths of all departments and filling gaps by training, facilitation and strong leadership.



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Student IRB Meeting

  • 10:00am - 1:00pm
  • Research Cell




Workshop on Qualitative Research

  • 9:00am - 1:00pm
  • Research Cell

Founders of Research Cell

Name : Prof Maj Gen (R) Hamid Shafiq HI (M)

Email :

Designation : Principal HITEC IMS

Qualification : Qualification: MBBS, FCPS Cardiology, FRCP, PhD

Contribution : Started Research Culture Initiative in HITEC IMS and Established Research Center in 2021 for facilitating advanced researches in institute.

Name : Brig. Prof. Nasser Rashid Dar

Email :

Designation : Vice Principal HITEC IMS

Qualification : MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, OJT

Contribution : Established Research Cell mechanisms in HITEC IMS in 2016 and facilitated Research Culture Project in 2021

Inspired faculty by his experience in research, 243 citations and 73 publications nationally and internationally


Name : Dr. Asma Hafeez

Email :

Designation : Professor of Anatomy

Qualification : MBBS, FCPS, MHPE

Contribution : Established Research Cell mechanisms in HITEC IMS in 2016

Name : Dr. Bushra Anwar

Email :

Designation : Assistant Professor Community Medicine

Qualification : FCPS Community Medicine, Family Medicine certification from DUHS, Research Training from AKUK

Contribution : Designed and implemented Project for developing Research Culture in HITEC IMS, added new units and developed their mechanisms in 2021.

Research Team

Name Department Designation Qualifications
Maj. Gen. Hamid Shafiq Principal President Research Cell, Chairperson IRB (Faculty Committee) MBBS, FCPS Cardiology, FRCP, PhD
Brig. Nasser Rashid Dar Vice Principal In-charge Publication Unit MBBS, MCPS, FCPS Dermatology, OJT
Prof. Aashi Ahmed Community Medicine In-charge Faculty Research Center MBBS, FCPS Community Medicine, MHPE
Prof. Asma Hafeez Anatomy President IRB (Faculty Committee) MBBS, FCPS Anatomy, MHPE
Dr. Anwar Bibi Community Medicine Chairperson IRB (Students Committee) MBBS, MCPS Community Medicine
Prof. Naila Abrar Pharmacology Incharge Students Research Center MBBS, MPhil Pharmacology, PhD Scholar
Prof. Aneeqa Shahid Physiology In-charge Visitor Research Forum MBBS, FCPS Physiology, CHPE
Dr. Saima Umair Community Medicine In-charge End-User Unit MBBS, MPH
Dr. Sidra Afzal Physiology In-charge Data Analysis Unit MBBS, MPH
Noman Bashir Research Cell Biostatistician/ Research Associate MS Project Management
Ali Haider Medical Student President Student Research Society MBBS 5th year

On going projects

Sr No. Topic Department
1 Students’ Perceptions and Practices regarding Clinical lectures in First two years of integrated teaching at HITEC-IMS and its relation with academic performance Community Medicine
2 Morphometrical analysis of femoral surface in dry human tibia Anatomy
3 Academic motivation in undergraduate medical students, a prospective study Anatomy
4 Success of Physiotherapy exercises in VBAC patients Physiotherapy, Gyne/ OBS, Radiology
5 Comparison of student’s academic performance in online and face to face teaching of Biochemistry at HITEC-IMS TAXILA Biochemistry
6 Comparative analysis of incidence of Hypotension in Phenylephrine Prophylactic VS Therapeutic use in spinal anaesthesia patients at HITEC IMS Pharmacology Anesthesia
7 Comparison between Online and On campus CBL sessions: Perception of students and teachers in a Private Medical College Physiology
8 Variation in Hematological Parameters due to Tobacco Cigarette Smoking in Healthy Male Individuals Pathology
9 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards Cervical Cancer Screening Among Health Care Professionals In a Tertiary Care Unit Gyne/ Obs
10 Perceived stress among caregivers of children with Cerebral Palsy Pediatrics Psychiatry
11 Incidence of astigmatism after Phacoemulsification cataract surgery at HITEC-IMS Taxila Eye
12 Correlation between the duration of nonspecific low back pain and severity of radiological findings on Plain X ray Lumbosacral spine Radiology
13 Comparison of lateral approach with the conventional midline approach in non-recurrent Thyroid surgery Surgery & Allied
14 Relationship between Fingerprints and IQ and EQ among medical students at HITEC IMS Forensic medicine
15 Frequency of raised Mean Platelet volume in patients with acute Myocardial Infarction in HIT hospital Taxila Medicine & Allied
16 Anxiety and depression among caregivers of psychiatric patients and their coping mechanisms Psychiatry
17 Prevalence of hearing loss in industrial workers of Taxila ENT
18 Model for developing and evaluating research culture; experience of HITEC IMS Community Medicine

Best Researcher Award

Dr. Mahwash Jamil
Associate Professor Gynecology Department

Workshops Done

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