Media Society


Our Media Society is a creative hub that fosters innovation, imagination, and collaboration. With a passion for all things media-related, we’ve curated a space where aspiring photographers, skilled videographers, talented writers, content creators come together to learn, share, and grow.
As you can see from the picture, our society thrives on diversity, creativity, and a shared enthusiasm for media. We’re not just a group; we’re a family united by our love for visual expression and the power it holds in shaping narratives.

Our members, through their artistic lenses, capture moments that both inspire and inform.

Diving into the world of multimedia, we’ve celebrated numerous achievements, from gripping documentaries to captivating photo exhibitions. The Media Society stands as a testimony to the fusion of talent and innovation, nurturing a community of storytellers who ignite conversations and amplify voices; we’re the creators of narratives that shape perceptions and connect us all.


The objectives of a media society can include promoting media literacy, fostering creativity, providing a platform for expression, and encouraging active participation.


Name: Sana Tahir

Position: President


Vision: The vision of the media society at Hitec Ims is to cultivate a vibrant community that celebrates the fusion of medicine and art. It aims to provide a platform where individuals can explore their creative talents, express themselves through various forms of media, and capture the intricate details that make their stories unique. The media society strives to inspire and empower its members to push the boundaries of creativity and make a positive impact through their media endeavors.

Sr No Name Position Qualification
1 Huzaifa Rahat Vice President 4th year MBBS
2 Nafay Qazi Vice President Final Year BDS
3 Fatima General secretary Final Year MBBS
4 Zoha Akhtar Member Final Year MBBS
5 Sara Irfan Member Final Year BDS
6 Hafsa Shahid Member Final Year BDS
7 Shayan Shahid Member Final Year MBBS
8 Iqra Member Final Year MBBS
9 Fatima Ali Member 4th Year MBBS
10 Areesha Akram Member 3rd Year MBBS
11 Areeba Amir Member 3rd Year BDS
12 Yusra Rehman Member 3rd Year BDS
13 Salman Ghafar Member 2nd Year MBBS
14 Saboor Member 2nd Year MBBS
15 Aieman Altaf Member 2nd Year MBBS
16 Ahmed Raza Member 2nd Year MBBS
17 Arsalan Khalid Member 2nd Year MBBS
18 Mohsin Gujjar Member 2nd Year MBBS
19 Hamna Rizwan Member 2nd Year BDS
20 Maryam Gulzar Member 2nd Year BDS
21 Huraira Member 2nd Year BDS
22 Roshan Sanghi Member 1st Year MBBS
23 Rao Danish Member 1st Year MBBS
24 Aima Adeel Member 1st Year MBBS
25 Laraib Fatima Member 1st Year MBBS