Students Research Society


Students’ Research Society was established in January 2022 and was promoted by Dr. Bushra Anwar under the worthy support of Principal Maj. Gen. Hamid Shafiq. The core objective of SRS is to promote research culture among students of HITEC-IMS and empower students in the field and bring the institute to top-ranking medical colleges of the country through research activities.


  • To develop a strong research culture among students and transform HITEC IMS into a research hub in future.
  • To enhance number and quality of researches at HITEC IMS by training of students in the field and filling gaps by facilitation from faculty and strong leadership.

Research Team

Name : Syed M. Ali Haider

Email :

Vision : As a research student and having experience and publications in research, my vision is to help, promote aspiring students in research to empower the students in Skills of research methodology and writing of their own research papers.

Sr No. Name Position Qualifications
1 Syed M. Ali Haider President MBBS 5th Year
2 Taha Naveed In-charge Management Wing MBBS 5th Year
3 Umer Farooq In-charge Management Wing MBBS 5th Year
4 Sabbih ul Hassan In-charge Management Wing MBBS 5th Year
5 Tehniat Bashir In-charge Research Wing MBBS 5th Year
6 Jaudat Zahra In-charge Research Wing MBBS 5th Year
7 Hasnain Ahmad In-charge Media Wing MBBS 5th Year
8 Hizbullah In-charge Media Wing MBBS 5th Year
9 Huraira Aftab Secretary MBBS 4th Year
10 Hufsa Khalid Secretary MBBS 4th Year
11 Mahnoor Kamran Secretary MBBS 4th Year
12 Aizah Aslam Secretary MBBS 4th Year
13 Iraj Fatima Secretary MBBS 4th Year
14 M. Ali Sherazi Secretary MBBS 3rd Year
15 Waiz Safwan Secretary MBBS 3rd Year
16 M. Waseem Akram Secretary MBBS 3rd Year
17 Batool Secretary MBBS 3rd Year
18 Hamael Amir Secretary MBBS 3rd Year
19 Yamna Secretary MBBS 3rd Year
20 M. Umer Secretary MBBS 2nd Year
21 Bilal Arshad Secretary MBBS 2nd Year
22 Hafsa Secretary MBBS 2nd Year
23 Tuba Secretary MBBS 2nd Year
24 Awab Qadri Secretary MBBS 3rd Year
25 Biya Tariq Secretary MBBS 3rd Year
  • Students’ IRB headed by Dr. Anwar Associate professor Community Medicine
  • Guidelines for IRB and Synopsis form is available in download links.

Click Here To View Synopsis Submission Form for IRB

Click Here To Download Student Institutional Review Board Synopsis Template