Coordination Society


The Coordination Society is a prestigious organization comprising medical students, faculty, and healthcare professionals committed to fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence in medical education and practice. Coordination society serves as a catalyst for positive change within the medical community, transcending institutional boundaries to create a global network of medical knowledge and expertise.


  •  Enhancing Medical Education
  • Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Advocating for healthcare equity
  • Promoting research and innovations
  • Community outreach


Name: Muhammad Maaz Qamar

Position: Presedent


Vision: Our vision is to transform medical colleges into hubs of innovation, collaboration, and compassionate care.
Coordination Society is dedicated to driving positive change in medical education and practice by promoting collaboration, innovation, advocacy, and community engagement. Together, we aspire to create a future where healthcare is more inclusive, compassionate, and effective.

Sr No Name Position Qualification
1 Nisha Jameel Presedent Final Year MBBS
2 Nafay Vice Presedent Final Year BDS
3 Aima Kashif Vice Presedent BDS
4 Rana Nouman General secretary 4th Year MBBS
5 Batool Zahra General secretary 4th Year MBBS
6 Muhammad Amir Member 3rd Year MBBS
7 Kashaf Ali Member 3rd Year MBBS
8 Usman Razzaq Member 2nd Year MBBS
9 Zoha Tariq Member 2nd Year MBBS
10 Huzaifa Khalid Member 1st Year MBBS
11 Ayesha Member 1st Year MBBS