Debating Society


The HITEC-IMS Debating Society was founded in 2019 by the college administration . Dr Talha and Dr Hejab from pioneer MBBS batch were the first presidents. By all these years, our society has quickly grown into a community of confident and passionate debaters united by the common goal of honing their speaking skills, engaging in meaningful discussions and contributing constructively to the world of ideas. Under our faculty patrons, guided by our commitment to nurturing articulate voices, we continue to make our mark in the realm of intellectual discourse.


The objectives  of HITEC-IMS Debating Society are multifaceted and serve to enhance the intellectual , social and personal development .  It help  participants to become articulate   persuasive communicators and eloquent speakers.


The society aims to

  • Provide members with a platform to voice opinions,engage in critical thinking and develop their public speaking skills.

Through regular debates, participants are exposed to various topics, ranging from political, social, economic and ethical issues which encourage them to question prevailing  beliefs and challenge their assumptions.

  • Strengthen the abilities of participants to become more informed and thoughtful individuals.
  • Povide a friendly and safe environment for members where they can express their views.
  • Develop tolerance by exposing participants to diverse perspectives and opinions thruogh engaging  them in constructive dialogue.
  • Enhance confidence and leadership skills providing  opportunities of exposure at National level.
  • Provide an opportunity to develop a wide range of skills including, public speaking, teamwork and  research.


Name: Swaira Iftikhar

Position: President


Vision: The HITEC-IMS Debating society aspires to be the platform for nurturing articulate,  informed , responsible and empathetic communicators who lead with intellect and foster positive changes in society through art of healthy debate.

Sr No Name Position Qualification
1 Izza Atif Vice President Final year MBBS
2 Shaza Umar Vice President 3rd Year BDS
3 Amna Pervaiz General secretary Final Year MBBS
4 Ali Rashid Member 2nd Year MBBS
5 Azwar Bhatti Member 3rd Year MBBS
6 Ayesha Akbar Member 4rt Year MBBS
7 Ayesha Khan Member 1st Year MBBS
8 Azka Khalid Member 3rd Year MBBS
9 Bisal Tahir Member 3rd Year BDS
10 Noor ul Eman Member 2nd Year BDS
11 Ifra Sarosh Member 3rd Year MBBS
12 Umar Farooq Member 2nd Year MBBS
13 Sabeena Raza Member 2nd Year MBBS
14 Rameen Asim Member 2nd Year MBBS
15 Safa Khatak Member 2nd Year MBBS
16 Muhammad Haseeb Member 2nd Year BDS
17 Fatimah Sughra Member 2nd Year BDS
18 Uzair Ahmed Member 2nd Year MBBS
19 Usman Razaq Member 2nd Year MBBS
20 Usman Ahmed Member 3rd Year BDS
21 Mahnoor Fatima Member 1st Year BDS
22 Filza Haider Member 1st Year BDS
23 Fiza Iftikhar Member 5th Year MBBS
24 Rao Muhammad Danish Ali Member 1st Year MBBS
25 Muhammad Qamar Abbas Member 1st Year MBBS
26 Rameesha Tayyab Member 4th Year BDS
27 Muhammad Yahya Member 2nd Year BDS
28 Laraib Fatima Member 1st Year MBBS
29 Huma Chaudary Member Paramedics